SKG Cold Press Juicer High Yield Juice Extractor

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SKG is a relatively new brand manufacturing some of the highest-quality juicers at very affordable prices.  This Juicer’s capably fills a significant niche in the juicer market.  The durable, cold pressing gears of this juicer does not compromise on a narrow chute meaning that large fruits and vegetables can be inserted with minimum preparation time. Another great fact about this juicer is its Anti-Oxidation technology which ensures that juice can be stored at optimum freshness for longer than most of its rival appliances. With a durable stainless-steel design and its Anti-Oxidation technology, it’s certainly an investment worth considering.




Wide Chute

A 3.15” wide chute means that you can insert large fruits without preparing the ingredients and wasting your time.

Slow Rotating Auger

The motor spins at just 45RPM making it one of the quietest and most precise juicers on the market.


Do not be mistaken by its quietness! the SKG Cold Press Juicer is packed with a 200-Watt AC motor that supply high power to the cold pressed mechanism. It results a high yield and good capability with the toughest of fruits!


The cold pressed mechanism means that juices are pressed with minimal air content. This means you can store the juice and it will remain fresh for several days.

Plastic and BPA Free

The SKG development team used strong, BPA free materials for this juicer. their goal was to supply a high quality juicer that does not harm the environment.


Although the motor is powerful it’s slow press process means that it purrs almost silently.


The Good


Easy Preparation

Because of the wide chute and the powerful motor, you mostly do not need to chop the ingredients into smaller pieces before inserting them into the juicer. Okay, maybe not a whole watermelon or pineapple but it’s still one of the widest chutes on the market; especially for a cold pressed juicer. The time used to prep the ingredients saves hours over the course of a week of regular juicing. The easy, straightforward clean-up hits a similar note. Simply take it apart, put it in the dishwasher, and you’re done.


Super Tough Material

This juicer’s gears are made of incredibly durable stainless steel which can ensure that the toughest of carrots will fall victim to a total juicing.  Even leafy greens like spinach and kale will be juiced without mercy. Most high-quality cold pressed juicers might also claim to deliver these efficiently crushing results but the SKG achieves it without using any plastic products and is completely BPA free.


Long Life Juice

No, not like the “long-life” juice you see sitting on dusty shelves in stuffy convenience stores. Truly fresh and utterly nutritious, slow-pressed, long-life juice. The reason cartons of mass-produced fruit juice have long lives is because they’re pasteurized, and cleansed from every vitamins and minerals that make it healthy in the first place.  This masticating juicer presses fruit and vegetables so precisely that the juice will contain almost no air bubbles.  Air bubbles contain oxygen which initiates a process of fermentation in juice.  Because the juice won’t have alot of air bubbles, you will be able to store the juice for several days without losing any of it’s rich nutritional value.



While using this juicer, you can use it as an emulsifier to produce nut butter, almond milk, soy milk, baby food and more! In addition, the tofu-strainer makes it a perfect tool for anyone who enjoys fresh soy bean curd.


Less Mess

The juicer solves the problem of drips in two cunning ways. First the juice collector has a handle and spout so that it can be poured easily like a jug.  Secondly the sleek design of the tap means there is very limited drip during and after juicing.  This means the highest possible yield with the least amount of mess. The beautiful design is also of note, as most juicers in the market tend to be a white, plastic eye-sore in the kitchen. This juicer, however, actually adds a visual appeal to the kitchen, as opposed to taking it away.

Under $200

Products using a similar system of slow press mastication usually have price tags upwards of 300 dollars.  This SKG appliance enters the market at an affordable price amongst its other quality competitors.


The Bad

Under close scrutiny, one of the only criticisms is that highly fibrous fruits can clog the gears.  Celery, for instance has so many tough, stringy, fibrous pieces that they are able to sneakily wrap themselves around the gears.  It’s certainly still possible to juice fibrous fruit and veg like celery but it is worth chopping them up into smaller pieces. That really is the only major disadvantage that arises when reviewing this masticating juicer. Overall, it seems to strike a harmonious balance between value for money and high quality, high quantity juice yield.


Best Suited For


People with all sorts of active and healthy lifestyles will benefit from owning this juicer.  It is particularly good for those who incorporate juicing into their lives in a serious way.  The slow press, high yield requires dedication because it will take around twenty minutes to make a good batch of juice. However, with a very short preparation time one batch of juice will be enough to supply a large quantity of high quality, long life juice.  Thanks to the anti-oxidation process, juice aficionados can refrigerate and preserve their juicing works of art in pristine condition for several days.  This is certainly a produce for serious juicers who value reliability as well as affordability.


Not So Good For


This is a great product if you are a beginner at juicing. this product is great all around and if you want a better juicer, which is slightly better than this one, we reccomend you to go for a Omega J8004 or a Breville 800JEXL



Nowadays, the big brand companies like Omega, Breville and Kuuvers are dominating the market. SKG is entering a very competitive environment and manages to hold its own by providing a high quality, time-saving, durable, long warranty, affordable, kitchen juicers.

First impressions seem very positive for the newest players in the juicing game. To conclude, this juicer is the best choice for everyone. Where almost all juicers would burn out and fail, this juicer will keep you going year after years. Its parts make juicing nearly anything so much easier. Overall, you can say this juicer is one of the finest in the market and is certainly worth every penny.


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