Super Angel All Stainless Steel Twin Gear Juicer 5500

The term ‘Super Angel’ was originally coined some years back to describe sophisticated and well-connected Silicon Valley investors specializing in large investments at the early stages of a business, particularly for companies developing high-end tech.  Super Angel Juicers have adopted this name to reflect the idea that their company, founded 21 years ago, is sophisticated and at the high-end of the juicer market.  The Super Angel All Stainless-Steel Twin Gear Juicer 5500 is one of their highly esteemed products.  As masticating juicers go, it’s extremely durable and practical as well as displaying a classy, sleek design.  As the health benefits of juicing becomes more and more recognized by the general public companies have had to work even harder to make their product stand out as unique. Thanks to a growing market of health-conscious consumers, there has never been so much choice when considering which appliance to purchase.




Slow Rotating Auger:

The motor does not exceed the speed of 100 RPM which is making it quiet and precise. The slow mechanism means that fruits and vegetables will be juiced with a maximum yield.  This will be evident from how dry the leftover pulp is.


A 240-Watt AC motor gives high power to the slow press mechanism creating a high yield and good capability with the toughest of fruits.


The slow rotations mean that juices are pressed with minimal air content. This is fantastic for people who wish for their juice to be stored and remain fresh for several days.

Quality Assured:

The juicer has been certified and approved by the FDA, UL, GS, RDHS and CE. This means that it can be sold around the globe in full compliance of safety regulations.

Plastic and BPA Free:

The juicer is made from durable stainless steel and uses no materials that are harmful to the environment. Your juicing experiences can be enjoyed with a clear conscience in relation to the environment.


The product comes with a ten-year warranty which means buying the appliance will guarantee a decade of quality juicing. It means that this juicer is a long term investment.


Although the motor is powerful it’s slow press process means that it makes a minimal amount of noise. This makes it great for people who wish to juice early in the morning or late at night. It also means that it won’t upset the ambience of a quiet cafe, restaurant or juice bar.

Heavy Duty:

The all stainless-steel design makes it extremely tough and capable of managing frequent, high intensity juicing. This makes it perfect for venues where it will be in constant use such as juice bars, restaurants or cafes.

Cooling System:

The state of the art cooling fans means that the juicer can be used continuously, for long periods of time, without overheating the motor. Keeping the motor cool is essential for guaranteeing a maximum yield of high quality, fresh juice.

The good

Super Tough Material:

The slow press gears are made of incredibly durable stainless steel which can ensure that the toughest of carrots will fall victim to a total juicing. Even leafy greens like spinach and kale will be juiced without mercy.  Being both BPA and plastic free, this product does not compromise an eco-friendly design for extreme toughness.

Long Life Juice:

No, not like the “long-life” juice you see sitting on dusty shelves in stuffy convenience stores. Truly fresh and utterly nutritious, slow-pressed, long-life juice. The reason cartons of mass produced fruit juice have long lives is because they’re pasteurized with no mercy shown to the enzymes, minerals and vitamins that make juice healthy in the first place.  This masticating juicer presses fruit and vegetables so precisely that the juice will contain almost no air bubbles.  Air bubbles contain oxygen which initiates a process of fermentation in juice.  Such a fine press allows juice to be stored in refrigerators for several days without losing any of its rich nutritional value.


The appliance can also be used as an emulsifier giving one the capability of producing nut butter, almond milk, soya milk, baby food and sorbets.

Easy to Clean:

Made entirely of stainless steel, the gears and pulp collector are much easier to clean than most masticating juicers. This means the highest possible yield with the least amount of mess.

Unique Cooling System:

An advanced cooling system means that the motor will not overheat. It makes it a very good juicer for high intensity, high frequency juicing.

Quality Service:

If this juicer runs into any technical faults then Super Angel boasts having the most responsive customer service helplines in the industry.


The bad

This is one of the more expensive juicers on the market. Although it’s still very good value for money it can put it out of the price range for many.  At around $2,400, purchasing this juicer has to be considered carefully as an investment.  Even with a 10 year warranty most people just will not be able to justify spending so much on a kitchen appliance.  For this reason, it seems that the primary target audience is more likely to be owners of juice bars, restaurants and cafes. The materials used to make it so heavy-duty are more durable but also more expensive than most of its competitors.  Unless you are able to afford the very premium in industrial quality then this juicer may not be a wise purchase.


Best suited for

This appliance is absolutely perfect for serious juicers wanting to make a lot of juice, frequently.  Most quality juice bars and other commercial venues serving fresh juice will be highly interested in purchasing the Super Angel All Stainless-Steel Twin Gear juicer 5500 because it guarantees quality and reliability in extremely busy, high intensity environments. The unique cooling system means that juices can be made continuously throughout the day without straining the motor. The ten-year warranty also guarantees a decade of juicing. Although the initial price tag is high, when one considers this juicer as a long-term investment then it certainly seems like good value for money.

Not so good for

Those trying juicing for the first time should probably not buy this juicer.  It is very expensive and an extremely heavy piece of equipment.
It could easily end up being the most expensive dust gatherer in your kitchen.  For first time juicers or casual juicers, it is recommended to look for centrifugal juicers. These are usually cheaper and easier to use.
If it is your first time juicing, take a look at our main article!

In conclusion

The Super Angel All Stainless-Steel Twin Gear Juicer 5500 is a serious piece of equipment.  For industrial, commercial and other high frequency uses, it is absolutely perfect.  It certainly lives up to its name as a Super Angel.